David Sarnoff Research Center

The David Sarnoff Research Center is participating in the Phosphor Technology Center of Excellence (PTCOE) through the execution of three technical programs and one educational program. The technical programs involve the synthesis of phosphor materials. One program deals with the preparation of phosphors for thin film electroluminescent (TFEL) displays and involves basic materials preparations, followed by the fabrication of the materials into sputtering targets, which are then sent to members fabricating the displays. Another program is concerned with the development of powder phosphors for field emission displays. In this program, powder phosphors are prepared as part of the search for new and/or improved phosphors that show optimum properties for current saturation, maintenance characteristics and chromaticity. The remaining technical program involves the development of new or improved phosphors for plasma display panels (PDPs). Again, powder phosphors are synthesized in search of materials that have high vacuum efficiency for excitation in the vacuum ultraviolet region of the spectrum, good maintenance and acceptable chromaticity.

The educational program consists of presenting seminars at the member universities on phosphor technologies and conferring with students carrying out phosphor programs. Students occasionally visit the Sarnoff Research Center to observe first hand the phosphor synthesis techniques. In addition, talks are presented at various technical conferences on phosphor technologies and properties.

Current Projects:

Education and Advisement of Technical Groups
P. Niel Yocom

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