Oregon State University

Current Projects:

Currently, there are three PTCOE-related programs of research being conducted at OSU:

  1. Thin-Film Electroluminescence (TFEL) Characterization and Modeling
    J. F. Wager, S. M. Goodnick and T. K. Plant
    Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Oregon State University

    Electrical and electro-optic characterization, aging studies and device physics, SPICE, and Monte Carlo high-field transport modeling are employed in the analysis of TFEL materials and devices to elucidate the underlying chemistry and physics of operation of these devices in order to aid in the development of higher brightness, stable, full-color TFEL flat-panel displays.

  2. Halide Transport Chemical Vapor Deposition (HTCVD) of ZnS:Mn Films
    Milo D. Koretsky
    Department of Chemical Engineering, Oregon State University

    The deposition of electroluminescent films (initially ZnS:Mn) in a modular, home-built Halide Transport Chemical Vapor Deposition (HTCVD) reactor is being investigated. The goal is to employ reactor design, numerical simulation and species concentration measurements to explore the processing-structure-performance relationship of the phosphor films. This study is intended to provide insight into the mechanism of aging in the ZnS:Mn films and to access the commercial viability of the HTCVD process.

  3. Novel Phosphor Synthesis
    D. Keszler
    Department of Chemistry, Oregon State University

    Work is directed to the discovery and production of new phosphors. Emphasis is being placed on the synthesis of oxide hosts that may yield green or red Eu2+ or Ce3+ emission. Relationships between crystal structure and VUV excitation efficiency of PDP phosphors are being studied. Also, the characteristic luminescence of compounds such as ZnGa2O4 and ZnGa2-xScO4 that crystallize in spinel or YbFe2O4 type structures are being examined as potential FED materials.

Ongoing flat panel display related projects:

Other display related projects in the Electrical Engineering department include the following:

Field Emission: Investigation of carbon nanotubes as a source of field emission (Prof. T. Bell)

Liquid Crystals: Ferroelectric liquid crystals (Prof. Rananavare)

Reliability: Reliability modeling of flat panel displays (Prof. Berglund)

Further information on these research projects can be accessed from the following home page: http://www.eeap.ogi.edu . Look under Flat Panel Display Research Group.

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