Campus and Science and Technology Group Leaders

Campus Leaders:

Prof. Christopher J. Summers (404) 894-1260
Director, Phosphor Technology Center Of Excellence
Principal Investigator (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Prof. William M. Yen (706) 542-2491
Principal Investigator (University of Georgia)

Prof. Paul H. Holloway (904) 392-6664
Principal Investigator (University of Florida)
Leader, EL Phosphor Group

Dr. P. Neil Yocom (609) 734-3266
Principal Investigator (David Sarnoff Research Center)
Leader, Plasma Phosphor Group

Prof. John F. Wager (503) 737-2994
Principal Investigator (Oregon State University)

Prof. William B. White (814) 865-1152
Principal Investigator (Pennsylvania State University)

Dr. Christopher N. King (503) 690-1100
Principal Investigator (American Display Consortium)

Dr. Brent K. Wagner (404) 894-1044
Leader, FED Fast Track Program (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Dr. Sey-Shing Sun (503) 690-1100
Leader, EL Fast Track Program (Planar Systems)

Science and Technology Group Leaders:

The membership of these groups is drawn from participating institutes and industry and is structured to enable rapid communication between individual researchers and to focus on relevant projects. These groups are highly interactive and promote both fast-track (industry- driven) and long-term research programs. University/Industry meetings are held quarterly to report progress and redefine the research agenda. Monthly teleconferences and email communications are used to disseminate new results. The University/Industry Science and Technology Groups are:

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